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Wonga Contact Number

Money is essential in this life, if you’re in need of some, then you can contact Wonga on their customer service and general enquiries phone line on 0207 138 8330.

Because money is a necessity to get anything in this world, it is best that you should keep track of your income and spending. Sometimes however, even with some measure of budgeting, you still somehow end up with less than what you really need. When this happens, there is another option – short term loans. When you borrow from a short term loans company, like Wonga, be sure that you know what you’re doing because short term loans border on usury and by getting one it becomes very easy to be in debt.

Telephone Numbers for Wonga:

If you need to get information before getting a short term loan from Wonga, you can call them up on the Wonga 24 hours hotline on 0207 138 8330. This hotline is both for existing and future customers who are in need of some advice or assistance.

If you’re a member of the press and you would like to make enquiries as to the nature of their business for a report you’re writing or a segment that you may be presenting/producing, then call them on their press office phone line on 0207 284 5679.

Email Wonga:

  • For customer service, you can email your enquiries to
  • If you’re a journalist, email
  • If you have a marketing proposal, then contact them on
  • If you’re interested in their affiliate program, contact
  • If you have a complaint, then write to

Alternative sources of Loans

If you’re generally of good financial standing but are currently seeking a loan, your most efficient first-point-of-call should always be your bank or building society, as they generally provide much better rates than dedicated loans companies. To contact your bank about personal loans, lookup your bank’s name in the On The Banks contact numbers directory then find the most appropriate number to call from there.