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First Utility Contact Number: 01926 320 700

Contact First Utility on their general enquiries telephone number 01926 320 700 to speak to a customer service representative about your broadband connection or if you are unable to login to your online account to pay your energy bill.


General Enquiries Contact Number – 01926 320 70

You can call the First Utility general enquiries contact number 01926 320 700 to discuss the possibility of switching to the energy provider to save on the cost of your gas and electricity bills. For instance, callers can use this number to get a quote on the cost of a cheap dual fuel tariff once they have provided their postal address and details of the property, including the number of rooms and current meter reading. Alternatively, it is recommended that you get in touch on this number if you are unable to log into your First Utility online account to manage your gas and electricity bills from your computer. Once online, you will be able to to pay a bill or submit an up to date meter reading for your account. If you are thinking of switching tariff then you should use this number to ask if you are currently on the best deal for your energy usage. Similarly, you should get in touch with First Utility to let them know if you are moving home so that they can set up an energy supply at your new house. As First Utility also provides broadband internet services, you may wish to call a customer service assistance to enquire about the various high speed packages available.


When to Call the Energy Provider

The First Utilities general enquiries number is open 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and 9am-4pm Weekends, charging customers the standard per-minute cost of a local UK call to get in touch. However, if you have free calls as part of your landline deal or inclusive free minutes in your mobile tariff then you will be able to contact the company for free.

Email First Utility

If you would prefer to avoid having to make phone call to resolve your enquiry then you can also send an email to First Utility on the following customer service address