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ESA Contact Number – 0800 055 6688

Contact the Department for Work and Pensions on their freephone ESA telephone number 0800 055 6688 if you would like to discuss your eligibility for the UK Employment and Support welfare benefit.


About Employment and Support Allowance

Employment and Support Allowance is abbreviated to ESA and is a UK welfare benefit that is aimed to give financial support to people who are having difficulty finding a job due to a long-term illness or disability. The British government’s Department for Work and Pensions introduced ESA in 2008 in place of the older welfare schemes: Incapacity Benefit, Income Support and Severe Disablement Allowance. Claimants will have to prove their eligibility for Employment and Support Allowance when passing the Work Capability Assessment with a member of DWP staff.


ESA Freephone Helpline – 0800 055 6688

Contact Jobcentre Plus UK’s freephone ESA support number 0800 055 6688 to ask a representative whether you are eligible to apply for the benefit before discussing the claims process. Employment and Support Allowance replaced incapacity benefit but is much harder to receive due to the thorough Work Capability Assessment that measures the eligibility of claimants. Therefore callers should ask the ESA advisor which medical certificates are be needed to support their initial claim and to improve their chances of receiving the benefit. It is advised that you contact the DWP advisor for a full list of the requirements you should meet in order to make a claim as you will not be able to book an assessment appointment without having details of your GP’s address or even your most recent council tax bill. The freephone ESA support number is also useful if you are an existing claimant and would like to discuss payments schedule for your benefit or if you would like to report a change of circumstances that may affect your future eligibility to claim. For instance if you have found employment then you will need to inform the Department for Work and Pensions or would have to pay back any allowance that you have been receiving since finding a job.


Call Costs and Opening Hours

The DWP’s ESA support helpline uses a 0800 freephone number meaning that all calls will be completely free of charge from both UK mobiles and landline telephones. If you would like to contact a DWP representative then you do so during the working week as lines are open during the hours of 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.


Important ESA Contact Numbers


ESA Department UK Contact Number Opening Hours
Contributions and Income-Related ESA Enquiries 0800 055 6688 8am-6pm Monday to Friday
Contributions and Income-Related ESA Enquiries – in the Welsh Language 0800 012 1888 8am-6pm Monday to Friday
New Style ESA – Live Service Area for Universal Credit 0345 600 0723 8am-6pm Monday to Friday
New Style ESA – Full Service Area 0345 600 4272 8am-6pm Monday to Friday


DWP Twitter Support

If you would prefer to make an enquiry about ESA online rather than when speaking to a representative on one of the Department for Work and Pension’s contact telephone numbers then you can do so by sending a tweet to DWP UK’s Official Twitter Page.